Photos From The Big Night Are Now Up!

Like the boxes. Wish I came up with that idea on those cold, windy nights. — T.J.

Ludlow Cares Blog

We’ve now got all of our photos from the big night up on our Facebook page. Do go ahead and tag yourself or people you know in the snaps, and invite other sleepers to like the page so they can download and view their photos.

If you’re still managing to bring in some post-sleepout donations, then these photos are a great way of reinvigorating interest from prospective donors. The pictures serve as proof of the night out, and remind people why we all decided to do this in the first place.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ludlow College once again for providing the location, facilities, and students from their Health & Social Care class as additional staff for the sleep-out. We really couldn’t have made this possible without your partnership through every step of the charity drive.

All the very best and enjoy the snaps,

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