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Recapping Some Points from the President’s Speech

Great recap of President Obama’s speech and what it means to the homeless.

...With Housing and Justice For All

When President Obama spoke on Monday of our nation’s founding creed, that all are created equal, his words resonated deeply with us.

  • He spoke of our resolve “that a great nation must care for the vulnerable, and protect its people from life’s worst hazards and misfortune.”
  • He described our understanding “that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.”
  • He reminded us that we will have been “true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else, because she is an American; she is free, and she is equal, not just in the eyes of God but also in our own.”
  • And perhaps most importantly, he called on each of us to “be a source of hope to the poor, the sick, the marginalized, the…

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Computer App’s for the Homeless. Who knew?

Great help for the homeless with computer access. Going to bookmark this one!

Career Services for the Homeless

1. Toodledo (Not free)

Helps with planning, getting organized, and staying motivated to achieve a goal.

4 stars

Can be used by homeless individuals to organize the job search and stay motivated to achieve their goals.

2. American Red Cross

Useful for finding Red Cross locations for emergency services.

5 stars

Can be used by homeless individuals to find emergency shelters, food, and other services when needed. 

3. Homeless Reach

Helpful for finding housing, transport, legal help, employment, and other services in the community.

5 stars

4. Disaster Alert

Lets people know if there are any natural disasters on track or occurring at current location.

5 stars

5. Work Smart

An app that helps people manage their career and keep track of their accomplishments.

4 stars

Can help homeless individuals stay organized during the job search.

6. Jobfinder

Useful for the job search.


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Next Article for Street Beat

I am working on my next article for Street Beat. It is going to be about Homeless Verification. The article will focus on how this requirement of the homeless for some basic services and re-entry into housing has become a “paper maze” that makes it next to impossible for some to get settled into housing or even a shelter. Will be publishing it here, first, when the article is finished.

Take Care, Ali. Where ever you are.

Homeless man’s death brings others to action on helping those in their hometown. This one gave me tears. Really well written. — T.J.

We are all Human.

Bring In Light's Space

We are all human

“We set out on a course in life, to live it fully by chasing our dreams, supporting our families and we all cherish our friends along the way.

Though often times along our way, tough things happen to some of us, whether it is a wrong turn, a not so good choice, an accident, a traumatic event or a career ending of no-fault of your own.

We all have had “Events” come into our lives that knock the wind out of our sails, we have all hit at least one brick wall at the end of a path and we have all said “Good-Bye” to someone we love and cherish.

Today let us realize our own shortcomings, our own hard luck times and look out in the streets. May you be able to “See” beyond the individual holding a sign, sleeping on a sidewalk, hustling for a dollar or walking…

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Now, I Must Tackle My Clutter Habit

Since it does seem as if a place of my own is in the works and at some point I will be indoors, I must confront a really bad habit of mine. I’m a pack rat. Love to save the paper. All kinds of sentimental junk. And it is all jammed in storage. Guhhhh.

I’m going to have to be strong and cull the pile… don’t want to be tripping over junk in my new place. I have been looking through some books to help me, here is a list of a few:

It’s All Too Much. (the book and workbook) by Peter Walsh

Throw Out 50 Things by Gail Blanke

Winning the Clutter War by Sandra Felton

All very good reads. I wish they had made a class about clutter-busting for those of us in the shelter. It is so important to get into the mindset of keeping your place clean and neat from day one so you can feel like you are in your home and it is comfortable and relaxing.

Here are some blogs that tackle the subject of clutter:

Here is a blog for those who are living in homes and who want to find ways to give away their excess. (Keeping a pile of clothes in your car and offering them to a homeless person or dropping them off on the street where they can be “found” is a neat idea.)

I think I”ll pitch that clutter buster class to the local homeless shelter (heck, I might even teach it… soon as I clear up my mess).

Visiting a homeless tent city in Camden and helping out the residents. One of the many stories of sharing and caring.

A really good read about why many are homeless. Check it out:

Inn-Sights for Today

At face value, the cause of homelessness for most of our clients seems pretty clear – they don’t make enough money to pay their rent and utilities. Many of them have no jobs, or if they do it is a part-time and/or minimum wage job. So what they need to do to stabilize is get a job, or get a better job, or get a second job, right? What could be more simple?

Were it only that easy! In truth, the causes of our clients’ homelessness – and the solutions we have to find in order to overcome them – are both broad and complex. Certainly, there are some who come to us for help who have the abilities to be independent and have been in the past, but simply hit a hard time for various reasons and just need a little help and support until they get back on their…

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Empowerment for the Homeless

I just went to another interview for housing. Things are looking on track and I must say that writing this blog has given me a voice and the ability to stand up for myself. Information is power. I hope those of you who tune in will get ideas and find an advocate in this blog site.

Your heart on your sleeve…

Ever notice how many actors and other creative people were once homeless?  (Check out this list, if you don’t believe me.)

Your heart on your sleeve….