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In Brain Sections, Vic Jones will do anything to save his friend, Carter Dockery, from a misguided experiment at the local mental health clinic. Haitian zombie powder (Coupe Poudre) is being tested to manage the mentally ill and patients in the clinic have had some unexpected side effects, like becoming decayed. In an effort to continue the study, homeless people are being lured to the abandoned buildings of a former mental asylum to become the next guinea pigs in the experiment.

The parallels drawn between the mistakes that were made in the former asylum ‘industry’ and the present day treatment of the homeless are intended to be thought-provoking.The homeless people depicted are composites of real life characters, and show the resilience and humor of those that are in that situation. 

Brain Sections is dedicated to those who have lived and died on the streets.

The novel Brain Sections is available at Smashwords.com. Copyright © All rights remain with the author. Inquire about media rights at : Brainsections@yahoo.com

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