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Homelessness in just 24 hours

That’s how long it took for many on the Eastern shore to become homeless. Please give to the Red Cross and other emergency help agencies. Have a safe Halloween, too.

ThePolitics of Poverty

English: US Census map of poverty across US

English: US Census map of poverty across US (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read this great post on how and why we got here:

love the handle too 🙂

Small Houses Resource Guide

Here are some of the many resources that can be found on the web. (Google Small Home Communities for more).

Housing in the small time.

South Beach community garden, Miami, Florida

South Beach community garden, Miami, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you ever stop to think about how much space you really need? My first real apartment was a huge one bedroom that I struggled to furnish. The next year I moved to a converted attic studio and lived there for six years. Tight at times, but just right. I’ve been looking at the book Tiny Homes by Lloyd Kahn. Great place to get ideas on how to pare down to the basics. Lots of the homes are sold as kits and the manufacturers are listed in the book.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone started a Small Time Housing Project with these inexpensive mini homes. In this economy, why keep trying to sell people homes they can’t afford and forcing them to buy stuff to furnish it just to keep the place from looking like an empty cave?

And while we are at it, put a community garden some where on the property (instead of a chemically laden pool facility) and a shared car that people can rent by the hour to do shopping (like Zipcar). Housing for the future!

Ed Gavagan: Survivor

Great story about how a random attack lead to a man being homeless, and his will to overcome mounting tragedies.

A New TV Program on the BBC: Famous, Rich, and Homeless.

As always the Brits lead the way in timely TV broadcasting. Check it out:


What Homeless People Need

This is a great post by a homeless guy letting people know what is most needed by most homeless people:

Micro Loans for Homeless Business Owners

Another great idea.

The Many Causes of Homelessness

Most stereo types of homeless people put them into two categories: drug users and the mentally ill. But, I have seen many other reasons for homelessness that include job loss, credit card debt, divorce, disabling injuries, hospital bills for major illness or surgeries, sexual addictions, spending addictions, being scammed by financial institutions, being under educated, having a low paying job, living in a high rent area. The list can go on forever.

Here is a link to the Sacramento Homeless Blog. The article links childhood stress and how it affects future success.

What do Homeless People Want From Politicians