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Daily Good News 34: 11 Year Old Feeds Hundreds, Community Replaces Stolen Decorations

Dante's Optimism

Man, it’s the day before Christmas. I guess you have some last minute shopping to do so let me get this post done so you can get out there.



Okay, now this round of good news warms my heart. An 11 year old uses his birthday to honor his late sister by feeding the homeless, which is something she was all about.

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Mary, homeless mothers, and the innkeeper

Preaching Grace on the Square

Tonight we remember a young mother two thousand years ago who had no bed nor shelter and gave birth to her son and laid him in a manger.

Tonight, I remember all of the homeless mothers who came to me seeking help this year–mothers who lived with their babies on the street, or in a car; mothers who were seeking help with rent so they could stay in their apartment; mothers who needed formula or diapers or food for themselves; mothers who needed help and hope.

And I remember all the times I said no–sometimes because I couldn’t help, sometimes because I was too busy to help, sometimes because I was too overwhelmed and couldn’t bear to hear another story or suffer heartbreak once again.

And I remember those times when I listened compassionately but inwardly condemned her for choices I assumed she’d made that brought her to our door.

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Helping the Homeless Requires Seeing Them

As a psych major, I am always intrigued about how the subconscious affects human behavior. This is an interesting article:

The Down Not Out Story

Root Cause Productions

Root Cause Productions is currently working on a film project for Down Not Out– a community news agency ran by homeless and vulnerably housed people. The Down Not Out news agency produces news articles related to the issue of homelessness and acts as a news aggregator to homeless related stories. DNO also seeks to pave the way forward in abolishing stereotypes put upon the homeless by a society who believe that no longer having a roof of your own renders you incapable of intelligence productiveness and dignity.

The Down Not Out Story will document the history of the project from its inception in January 2012 until the present. During this time the group has maintained a website, produced its own DNO Newspaper and staged Food Bank Action events in three separate cities on the same day.

A rough edit of the film was well received during the Action Homeless…

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Glub, glub, glub … (sink or swim)

I Didn't Just Wake Up This Morning With A Craving

The very first time I worked alone in the homeless shelter, I felt completely overwhelmed, and I didn’t know how I’d make it through the night.

I was a shelter supervisor on Saturday and Sunday night from 4:00 pm to midnight.  I had to work the desk phones, oversee dinner, make sure the chores were done, do any intakes that came in, hand out 9:00 pm medication for folks who had them, breathalyze the residents before they went to bed and enforce lights out, and keep notes of everything that happens for legal and case management purposes.  In a shelter with, at first, 30ish, and eventually 40 residents. 40.

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Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) keeps the homeless warm and dry as Winter sets in

40 Simple Ways to Practice Kindness

I think #24 and 28 will minimise my effectiveness as a homeless activist, but I can apply them to other areas of my life. — T.J.

Kindness Blog

kindness image - figure spreading hearts

40 Simple Ways to Practice Kindness

by Mike O’Connor

  1. Smiles are irresistible. Don’t hesitate to smile warmly at friends, family, colleagues and even…strangers.
  2. Write hand-written thank-you notes. The notes don’t need to be an essay and people love to receive them. It’s the personal touch.
  3. If you use public transport, it’s busy and there are no free seats, be the first to stand-up and let a weary traveller, pregnant woman or elderly person take rest.
  4. Pay it forward – When you are in a coffee shop or café , maybe you could buy a coffee or cake in advance for the next customer that comes in. How tasty! Imagine what a sweet surprise that person will get when they discover that a kind stranger has paid it forward for them.
  5. When you see a homeless person, think about how you might be able to help them in some way…

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UK food poverty a ‘public health emergency’, say leading experts

The gift of charity begins…on the High Street

Good read. It would be nice if everyone carried an extra set of gloves in their pocket and gave them away to the homeless.