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City Grit

People of Pioneer Square


This is what people think of when they think of city grit.

It’s the sand chafing our society.

And, they would just go away the city would be great.

Well, they can’t. Not without a hand up.

Grit also polishes.

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Tight Times: Noodles to take out 2

Chicken ramen revised:

You need frozen cooked chicken or left over chicken and frozen stir fry vegetables to make this one. Lightly saute chicken, remove from pot. Prepare ramen. Remove noodles to serving dish. Toss 1 tsp sesame oil with noodles. Pour out some of chicken flavored broth and use the rest to steam veg. Put veg in bowl with noodles, top with chicken. Reduce broth until thickened. Serve

Thai Peanut or Kung Pao Chicken revised:

You would not require extras like sesame oil or hoisin sauce for these, just cook as usual but add chicken and veg that has been cooked separately. You might want to drain off the broth and thicken it by reducing in a pot on high heat for a minute or two. Serve.

They Should Do These As Posters

… and put them up to remind the public that homeless people came from somewhere

Homeless Hungarian man hits lottery jackpot with his last few coins:László Andraschek plans to use Hungary’s biggest win of £1.7m to set up foundation for addicts and abused women

Okay, I have to say… don’t spend money on lottery tickets. This is a 1 in 100 million chance for this guy. Fortune was on his side that day, but you can’t always depend on it. — T.J.

Do The Right Thing Daily

Homeless Hungarian man László Andraschek Unemployed, in debt and facing another year living on the streets in Hungary, László Andraschek spent his last remaining coins on a lottery ticket. Now the formerly homeless man has a choice of accommodation around the world after becoming one of Hungary’s biggest lottery winners, with a prize of about £1.7m.

Andraschek, whose 630m Hungarian forint win last September went unnoticed until he made a significant donation to a hostel for the homeless this month, said buying the ticket was a chance decision at a railway station on his way to Budapest for a workshop for recovering alcoholics.

“I had only picked six numbers and the female shop assistant reminded me that I needed to pick a seventh,” he said. “I told her to make it 24 – it doesn’t matter, anyway.”

But he was wrong and now plans to use his winnings to establish a foundation for addicts and…

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Makers + Homeless = Success Story

If You Want One Good Reason NOT To Sell Your Food Stamps For Drugs:

Quote from the article: “…people who are poor and addicted are clearly at increased risk of homelessness. Addiction does increase the risk of displacement for the precariously housed; in the absence of appropriate treatment, it may doom one’s chances of getting housing once on the streets.”

Check out the complete study:

Tight Times — Turn your noodles into take out

Have that 35 cent package of ramen tonight. Cook the beef flavored noodles as directed. Remove from broth. Steam stir fry veg in broth. Add a teaspoon of each hoisin sauce and sesame oil to noodles. Add veg to noodles. Reduce broth till thick in pan and pour over noodles.

Homeless U

The purpose of this blog is to inform and educate (okay, and sometimes entertain) the reader about homelessness, from the point of view of someone who has been there. Many homeless people get off the streets and try to forget their experiences. That is a mistake. If you were homeless and have found your way back to normal life, I urge you to get involved in some way. Only you know how it really is to be in that situation and the world needs your voice.

Skid Row: Stereotypes and common misconceptions of inhabitants dehumanize the homeless

I think that a remedy for homelessness in my home town is to require businesses to adhere to the equal employment laws of this country. People are hiring only their own race and using the tax benefits that business are given. This has to stop. –T.J.

Follow Deborah ‘LIVE’ at Sleep Easy event #Sleepy14

Hedon Blog

Deborah Stevenson - Sleeping rough so others don't have to sqDEBORAH STEVENSON from Hedon is sleeping rough in Hull tonight (Friday 31st January 2014) so that others don’t have to!

Find all about Deborah and her support for the YMCA Sleep Easy initiative at our interview with Deborah last week.

Follow Deborah’s experience live on Twitter at the timelines below. The first #DebSleepy14 is specifically about Deborah, the second #Sleepy14 is about all the Sleep Easy action taking place tomorrow night.

The Sleep Easy involves volunteers spending a night sleeping rough from 6pm until 6am the next morning in order to help beat homelessness.

Keep popping back to this page to see how Deborah and the others are getting on. If you are on Twitter, click on the space below each timeline to send a message of support direct to Deborah using the #DebSleepy14 hashtag.

UPDATE: Deborah sums up her experience on her own Blog: One in a Million –…

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