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Without Tenure or a Home

Path to a Permanent Home

Mary-Faith Cerasoli is an adjunct professor of Romance languages.

Many people think that homelessness affects the poor and uneducated.  However, this article by Julie Glassberg, interviews a college professor who cannot attain a secure position at her job and a place to stay. The woman named Mary-Faith Cerasoli, 53, an adjunct professor of Romance languages teaches at Mercy College in Westchester and other colleges around New York City. Being an adjunct professor she says “is rewarding, she said, but not the pay: several thousand dollars per course, with no benefits”. With no benefits and a thyroid condition and equally low  pay, Unable to secure a teaching position. Ms.Cerasoli has often slept in her car and showered in the universities bathrooms just to stay sustain herself.

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Homeless In America Families Living In Cars

A Rising Cause of Homelessness

Andy Robbins Photography

Poverty is a major cause of homelessness, that in itself is not a major revelation. What has been surprising to me is the people who I have met in the homeless community who could be any number of people I know today. A cruel twist of fate could happen to most anyone; I have met people who have been overwhelmed by medical bills or who have lost their job and have ended up on the street. There are some people who have chosen this lifestyle and they are in the minority. This 6 minute video explained to me a trend that is growing and should be a cause for concern for all of us. The growing inequality and wealth divide is a problem that is undermining our society and community, and forcing an increasing number of families below the poverty line. By increasing awareness of this, I believe we can…

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10 Things to Keep in Mind if You Are Serious About Ending Homelessness | OrgCode Consulting

Practical advice from the trenches. T.J.

A Call to Action from Kindred Spirits

Great idea: “This annual award recognizes individuals who have experienced homelessness and are now supporting others experiencing homelessness.” — T.J.

Riverside wins award for care of homeless people with severe & life limiting illnesses

Down Not Out

By Susan Littlemore at Riverside:

Riverside’s specialist provider of support for homeless people, Riverside-ECHG, has scooped the country’s leading specialist housing award at this year’s UK Housing Awards.

The UK Housing Awards which recognise excellence across the housing sector have chosen Riverside as their Specialist Landlord of the Year for 2014 for the specialist care it provides to homeless people with severe and life-limiting health issues.

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Images by Tobiasz

Bastien Design

To be able to demonstrate the struggles of homeless people, a member of our group named Tobiasz had drawn detailed pictures illustrating the struggle of homeless people.

Scan 12 Homeless Man and his dog

Scan 13 Alone Woman

Scan 14

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Homeless Advert


The message in this video is that “every homeless person is someone’s child – treat them with respect”. I thought this was quite a smart ad in a few ways. Firstly when you’re watching, you don’t know what they are trying to sell or figure out what the ad is for. When in fat, they are not selling anything; they are only raising awareness to respect everyone.

Another interesting point is that they try to pull on the heartstrings of the audience, by using actors/images of different ages groups, from infants, kids and up to the elderly. The people in the ad are also given ‘names’. Therefore making them seem more ‘real’, that they could actually be either your brother/sister/aunt/uncle etc. This brings home the fact that everyone on the street has a family out there somewhere.

The length of the ad was suitable, as the message was easily conveyed…

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Council clears homeless people from city calling them an ‘eyesore’ & a ‘hindrance’

I wonder how many cities are up to this.

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This Guy Found out His Council Were Paying People to Bully the Homeless – His Response Will Inspire You

Joseph Murphy is not an undercover journalist. He’s an oil rig worker based in Dundee. But when he found out his Council was paying workers called City Centre Ambassadors to bully and intimidate homeless people out of the town centre, he decided to go undercover to expose the truth.

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Making the News: Starting Over

The Menawa Report

“Ed Mitchell is a former Reuters, BBC and ITN TV journalist who filed for bankruptcy and lost everything in 2007.  Making the News reflects on a period of life when Ed was homeless, living on Brighton’s seafront.”

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