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Never mind camping

The Cop And The Vagrant

“I was stunned by his goodness.” — Wow, I wish more people could say that. — T.J.

How Financial Literacy Can Combat Homelessness

Open letter on housing to VA’s gubernatorial candidates

Good idea.

One in three touched by homelessness in the UK


One in three people in Britain have experienced homelessness or know someone who has and with the number of homeless households up by 33% since 2010 , 76% people polled believe that councils should be doing more to help people, says the homeless charity umbrella group Homeless Link.

Despite rising homeless numbers, research indicates that the help available for people is actually shrinking.

Since 2010, 133 homeless projects have closed, over 4,000 bed spaces have been lost and the number of full-time staff in the sector has fallen by 16%. While nearly half (47%) of homeless services last year reported a fall in investment – by an average of 17%!

To make matters worse, it is believed that investment in services could fall even further, with councils in the last six months already having commonly reported cuts of between 25-40% to housing-related support budgets from central government.

For the individuals…

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4000 Beds for the homeless lost since 2010

Down Not Out

From Inside Housing:

Homelessness projects are closing down, levels of staff are reducing and bed spaces are being lost as housing budgets are squeezed, research published today reveals.

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Bashing the poor is losing its appeal

If you really want to know the end result of bashing the poor, read the Bible. How people treat the poor is how they will be judged. — T.J.

Down Not Out

From Oxfam UK Poverty Blog:

Bashing the poor is losing its appeal

by Chris Johnes Director, UK Poverty Programme

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Don”t Forget Zombie Fun This Halloween!


Non-profit program takes residents off streets and into North Shore kitchens

North Vancouver News

HAVE culinary training society

With Homelessness action week having just passed, the issue of poverty and homelessness on the North Shore has community members and organizations looking for viable solutions for low-income residents.

The HAVE Culinary Training Society gives students eight weeks of customized kitchen training, which guides residents and gives them the skills needed to obtain a career in the hospitality industry.

The non-profit program has recently expanded from the Downtown Eastside to the Lookout Emergency Aid Society‘s North Shore shelter.

Four students to have graduated the program are now working hard in various North Shore restaurants.

Visit the HAVE website to see how you can hire a graduate at your restaurant.

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