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Hello Again…

Hey, sorry guys I have been so busy lately. But I have been noticing about the improvements in the homeless situation around our town. Yes, the tents are still there. But our city officials seem less inclined to throw the tents into dumpsters… and so far I have seen, no one soaking wet and wandering around with no place to go. Great improvement. Hope it lasts after the holidays. Take care and have a happy and fun holiday season.

Homelessness news – Homeless man loses benefits after police return money he found on street.

UK Homelessness Film


Am sorry but this as shocked us.

A homeless man who handed in a wad of cash he found on the street has been stripped of his benefits.

James Brady had no place to live when he found £530 after leaving a local shelter in April but immediately turned the cash over to police.

He was allowed to keep the money six months later after no one came forward to claim it, but his good deed has proved costly.

Mr Brady, who has recently found housing, had his government benefits suspended when he failed to report the new income.

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Fillin’ the backpacks!

Please take pictures of the backpack giveaway and share them. –T.J.

Dream Center Diaries

Well, Tuesday nights are cordoned off for me and my wife as “date night”, and we got to spend time together tonight filling backpacks for the homeless…

Every year the Dream Center hands out about 300 backpacks filled with winter necessities to the homeless in Providence, and tonight was the night they were filled.  This year we filled 301.

There are any number of people who have been working diligently all year to make this night a possibility, and to them I say thanks….and Saturday morning when the backpacks are finally given out to people who really need them – your whole year’s worth of hard work will come to fruition.

It was a little crazy at first when we got there – lots of work to do and soooo many opinions on which was the most efficient way to organize the stuffings and fill the backpacks…but once we finally got going we…

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The homeless perception

The recommendation (to combat homelessness) was to increase awareness. Hey, we do that here all the time 🙂 –T.J.

Strand Books Used Sprinklers to Douse Homeless, Employees Say

Shame on Strand. Not stopping to buy books there if they keep it up. — T.J.

Food Wastage



This is picture of two out of four chillers in my Boots branch. The vast majority of the food you see in the picture will be thrown away at the end of the shift. All of it is perfectly edible and could easily be passed to homeless charities or even to colleagues, however the Boots policy states it must all be thrown away. I realize this is common across large chains and supermarkets due to food hygiene laws however seeing it happen first hand in your place of work makes me sick to the stomach and makes me want to find another job even sooner. It is clear that supermarkets who practice this kind of waste procedure are not simply following national produce regulations and it is largely economical. For every sandwich donated to a person, one less is bought in store. This is why companies such as Boots lock…

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The Real Faces of Homelessness.

How true. — T.J.

Disparate Moments

**Having a home is a right, not a privilege.**
I am always amazed that that concept escapes people. Contrary to the myth that many people believe, folks who are homeless don’t *choose* to be homeless. They’re not all drug addicted and mentally ill. Each story of homelessness is unique. Here are some stories that restore the humanity to what we call “a problem”. It’s time we stopped the busy-ness of our lives, dig deep inside ourselves and listened (really listen) to those stories… and then do something.

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War Against The Homeless

Many people who have been homeless and who have gotten off the streets should lend a voice and a vote to support government initiatives that make it easier for low wage earners and the poor to have comfortable, safe homes that they can afford. — T.J.

Serving Those Who Have Served Us: Barriers to Employment and Workforce Solutions for Veterans

National Initiatives on Poverty & Economic Opportunity Blog

By Caitlin C. Schnur, Workforce Research and Policy Fellow, National Transitional Jobs Network


Veterans Day is a time to celebrate all of the U.S. military veterans who have bravely served our country.  Since 2001, America has deployed over two million troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.  When these servicemen and women come home, they deserve to return to healthy and fulfilling civilian lives that include the opportunity to obtain gainful employment.  Although most post-9/11 veterans transition successfully back to civilian life, too many will have to cope with a different reality—especially when it comes to employment.

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Details of who will be moving into our container homes at Richardson’s Yard

Andy Winter's Blog

33 of the 36 places for our container homes development, Richardson’s Yard, have now been allocated.

On Wednesday evening, I had the huge honour of meeting the 33, along with some of their friends, families and support workers. I have to say I found the experience extremely moving, not least the sense of hope and anticipation that the 33 conveyed.

It also dawned on me that, while BHT has taken on the leases or acquired housing over recent years, this is the first time for quite a while that we have helped create new supply, on this occasion in partnership with our development partner, QED Property Ltd. It is an amazing feeling, equal to the moment we employed our first former client, the first time a former client was appointed a manager within BHT, and the frequent occasions when I bump into people whose lives have been changed because of…

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