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Now, I Must Tackle My Clutter Habit

Since it does seem as if a place of my own is in the works and at some point I will be indoors, I must confront a really bad habit of mine. I’m a pack rat. Love to save the paper. All kinds of sentimental junk. And it is all jammed in storage. Guhhhh.

I’m going to have to be strong and cull the pile… don’t want to be tripping over junk in my new place. I have been looking through some books to help me, here is a list of a few:

It’s All Too Much. (the book and workbook) by Peter Walsh

Throw Out 50 Things by Gail Blanke

Winning the Clutter War by Sandra Felton

All very good reads. I wish they had made a class about clutter-busting for those of us in the shelter. It is so important to get into the mindset of keeping your place clean and neat from day one so you can feel like you are in your home and it is comfortable and relaxing.

Here are some blogs that tackle the subject of clutter:


Here is a blog for those who are living in homes and who want to find ways to give away their excess. (Keeping a pile of clothes in your car and offering them to a homeless person or dropping them off on the street where they can be “found” is a neat idea.)

I think I”ll pitch that clutter buster class to the local homeless shelter (heck, I might even teach it… soon as I clear up my mess).