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Lost and Found: Faith and spirituality in the lives of homeless people – by Carwyn Gravell [review]

All the good stuff seems to be coming from Britain lately….

Grace + Truth

Lost and Found by Carwyn GravellThis article was originally published under the title ‘Spirituality is part of caring’ in The Church Times, 21st June 2013

In the day centre for homeless people that the West London Mission runs in Marylebone, the chaplain helps to facilitate a spirituality group, where rough-sleepers reflect and discuss the “deep things” of life. What I most enjoy about it is the way it grapples with questions in an honest and raw way.

Last week, we were looking at the story in Acts when Peter and John are arrested and threatened by the Sanhedrin, but reject its demands to keep silent about the resurrected Jesus. As we discussed the courage of the early Church, one of the men declared bluntly:

“This is what we need — not this wishy-washy Christianity. The thing about Jesus was — he had balls.”

Christian controversies

Most homeless projects came out of the Church. The Christian…

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