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Tight Times: Noodles to take out 2

Chicken ramen revised:

You need frozen cooked chicken or left over chicken and frozen stir fry vegetables to make this one. Lightly saute chicken, remove from pot. Prepare ramen. Remove noodles to serving dish. Toss 1 tsp sesame oil with noodles. Pour out some of chicken flavored broth and use the rest to steam veg. Put veg in bowl with noodles, top with chicken. Reduce broth until thickened. Serve

Thai Peanut or Kung Pao Chicken revised:

You would not require extras like sesame oil or hoisin sauce for these, just cook as usual but add chicken and veg that has been cooked separately. You might want to drain off the broth and thicken it by reducing in a pot on high heat for a minute or two. Serve.