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Surviving the Streets.

Come be a Part of Surviving the Streets!

posted by Jenn Pearson                                         on Thursday, October 27 at 1:28pm

Surviving the Streets is a giveaway event aimed at serving those who sleep outside with gear that they need to survive the winter. Three years ago, the husband and wife team of Patti Dunn and Mike Grabham partnered with Real Change to make the event even bigger and gain a greater reach in the homeless community. At a time of ever-decreasing funding for homeless services from both the city and the county, personal donations are needed now more than ever. That’s why we are partnering with over a dozen businesses, community groups, and schools to hold survival gear drives for Surviving the Streets. Last year we served 175 participants from the Real Change, Bread of Life, and Compass Center communities—this year, we aim to serve 250. In addition, we hope to expand the event by offering hot food and flu shots (provided by Public Health nurses) to participants.

Please consider donating any of the following items in new or gently used condition for this event: Sleeping bags Mens’ jackets Mens’ socks Mens’ fleece jacket liners Warm blankets Backpacks Duffle bags Tarps Ponchos Gloves Hats

Check out www.survivethestreets.org to find out where the nearest donation drop-off is. Donation collection will run until November 20, 2011.

All volunteer positions for Surviving the Streets are full at this time. Please call or email Jenn Pearson, Volunteer Coordinator, if you would like to volunteer to hold a gear collection drive in your business, church, or school. Jenn can be contacted at 206-441-3247 ext. 212 or volunteer@realchangenews.org.

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A Peak at Street Sheets

In this post, I’d like to spend some time talking about street newspapers and how they help the homeless stay connected and have a voice.

I wiki-ed the term street newspapers and came up with this. In addition to the small, independent presses, there are street newspapers in large cities that are trying to find solutions to problems faced by the homeless (notice I didn’t say solutions to the ‘homeless problem’– that’s the outsider’s view).  There are three papers that you might want to check out:  Real Change, The Contributor, and a paper for Chicago’s homeless. There are also homeless newspapers in other countries, this one is from Australia, but it has a directory from around the world. One little blog has an unusual name: Girls guide to homelessness. Sounds like a lighthearted romp. Hey, I’m all for a little fresh breeze after a hard day dealing with hard issues.

Street News and Street Wise are two of the oldest street newspapers. Check them out on Google. And I can’t forget Street Beat. Thank you Gary, for printing my excerpts!