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One Way To Fight Homelessness: Cooperate!

I’ve heard it more than a few times, shelter employees and directors stating that their shelter is the only one that should be serving their community. If you look beneath the self-serving promotion, you realise that the shelters in each city and state are all competing for federal money. The lack of which means loosing jobs. Their jobs. Meanwhile, homeless people are trapped in the middle. Such practises as barring shelter residents from moving from one shelter to another, voluntarily, are common. They don’t like “shelter shoppers” they say. They might have to upgrade their services (and attitude) if people were given freedom of choice.

When I hear a shelter staffer or director trash talking another shelter, I ask them: “What if the other shelter is closer to a job?” “How about if a homeless person has a dispute with another resident and wants to move?” Shouldn’t homeless people have the right to freedom. Many of them were in the armed forces and fought for those rights. Why not give it to them, and stop competing for business at the expense of those you are being paid to serve.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Lo and Behold…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just got a letter today about how my four-year old (that’s four years, folks) application for low-income housing has finally come to the surface of the pile and I am supposed to go to a meeting to show them I am still interested. Does this have ANYTHING  to do with the fact that I complained to another agency one week ago that I was having a hard time complying with their requirements because of homelessness, and that I have been waiting on the housing list for four years? Humm.

Anyway, the journey has begun and I will send you pictures of the place and give you up dates, when and if it all happens. You get to actually see someone get off the streets. Mind you, considering the surrounding situation and the types of gatekeepers in my dear city, I’m sure they will put me in the sorriest spot they can find. Not being negative, just realistic. The reason I (and others like me) have been waiting so long on the housing list is that we are not part of the favored group that gets housing here. Unfair, since the group I belong to (via my family background) has been building this city from the beginning and have a long history in this area.

But, at least it’s a bed and a kitchen (yeah! I can cook my own food) and a bathroom and I can get my stuff out of storage. Take care and have a Merry Christmas.

It’s not Homelessness that is my problem, it is being Kitchenless

Yes, I have to admit it. When the weather is just right and I am not being called to work everyday (and weeks drag on like that) I go homeless to save money on rent. If I could get low-income housing in my area, that would be a big help. But, no one has told me the magic words to say to obtain that sort of favor from the powers that be (I’ve been on the waiting list for nearly 5 years).

Even if not having a bed to sleep on is not a hardship for me, not having a stove to cook on is. There is nothing like a chicken, baked at home. Hmmmm.