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Light a candle, don’t curse the dark

I think libraries that have big issues with homeless people should designate a meeting room for their use. If it is obvious that someone is homeless (like when they are found dozing on the premises) security could direct them to the room. That space could also be used for classes and informational seminars that will help homeless people find shelter and work.

Mind-Numbingly Stupid Rules

This brings back memories… — T.J.

Scott Andrew Hutchins

It’s bad enough that the shelters have a 10 PM curfew (or even earlier, if you’re bad behaved or unlucky), which is nonsensically vicious to give to a grown adult simply for being poor, but at Project Renewal, if you’re in bed at 10 PM but haven’t signed the bed roster when they bring it up, instead of letting you sign it on the spot, they send you downstairs to wait until it’s brought down. One staff member let people sign when he was up there, but he apparently got a lecture about it. The rule makes utterly no sense. On Monday night, I was so sick that I came back to the shelter a little after 7 and went to lie down. My intent was to get some rest, but get up and buy some dinner before the 10 PM curfew (bed signing begins at 8, and once you…

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6 Myths about homelessness dispelled

Eliminating Homelessness: The Blog of the Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness

1. Most homeless people are middle-aged men.

While last year’s Point in Time survey of Dauphin County’s homeless population did not take into account exact ages, females made up the majority of the population. In 2012, 58.9% (159) of Dauphin County’s homeless population were females, and 41.1% (111) were males. Also, there were 127 homeless children counted in the 2012 Point in Time census.

2. Homeless people need to “just get a job.”

According to our Point in Time survey last year, 19.6% (55) of the area’s homeless population were employed. There are many resources available to help these individuals find jobs, but finding a job with limited resources, such as lack of home or transportation, makes the process more difficult.

3. People are homeless by choice.

No one chooses to be homeless – many factors can make any individual suddenly homeless. During our 2012 census, it was discovered that…

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On basic injustice

Great read. — T.J.

Hopeworks Community

Many years ago thousands of people lived in the most horrifying of conditions in state hospitals throughout this country.  Many, many people literally lost their lives to a system that justified oppression as being “for their own good.”  Our response to this horror was 30 years ago to start the process of de-institutionalization.  We were going to provide community based treatment and set people free to get a chance at the life they deserved.  But we forgot about the treatment, we set very few really free and gave a whole generation of people a life that we would have never chosen for ourselves.

We discarded a whole population of people.  We left them to live in the alleys and streets, to fill our jails, and to die with lives wasted and hopes never really given a chance.  Simply they cost too much.  And when they fell through the cracks, indeed…

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Hope for the Homeless?

Dom's Blog

Recently I posted about Mary washing Jesus’ feet. In response Judas said that the perfume she used could have been sold and the money given to the poor. Of course Jesus knew Judas was not interested in the poor but the money. Jesus replied that they would always have the poor with them but not Jesus as he was about to go to Jerusalem and face his arrest, crucifixion and resurrection.

Later that week Jesus washes his disciples feet which we tend to remember on Maundy Thursday. Not only is this a testament to what Jesus was about to do but also a call to characterise his attitude.

Some of us might have been on a March of Witness with our local churches. Did you happen to see them… the poor, the homeless? We often think about how we can help them, or perhaps tend to think we cannot help them so why try. My wife and I were challenged by…

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KFC fires woman for being homeless