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Welcome to the ‘small time’ (also known as downsizing for survivial)

This blog post is about downsizing, in style. Some of you who read my blog may not be homeless, just interested in homeless issues. Well, here is an idea that I’d like you to help spread: Living a downsized life can be smart and satisfying.

I know, everybody is shouting that in the recession, but we really need to take the message to heart. For almost a hundred years humankind has been seduced by mass advertising telling use to buy our way to happiness. What has happened? Many are experiencing homelessness as a result of that mindset (as well as other less severe, but still troubling, maladies). So, if you are homeless or just struggling like most other people, follow posts under my ‘Small Time’ banner and see what kinds of great ideas there are out there.

For my first money saving tip:

Save loads of cash by making your own simple, effective skincare products (they’re also EBT friendly…shhhh!). This blog has loads of good information: