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Survived the Holidays

Yes, folks. And it is time to think about the new year. What will your resolution be in 2014? I resolve to find some answers for the people who are living in tents around town. I resolve to bother those who are under the impression that there is nothing wrong/there is nothing that they can do/the problem has nothing to do with them.

Helping the Homeless Requires Seeing Them

As a psych major, I am always intrigued about how the subconscious affects human behavior. This is an interesting article:

Hello Again…

Hey, sorry guys I have been so busy lately. But I have been noticing about the improvements in the homeless situation around our town. Yes, the tents are still there. But our city officials seem less inclined to throw the tents into dumpsters… and so far I have seen, no one soaking wet and wandering around with no place to go. Great improvement. Hope it lasts after the holidays. Take care and have a happy and fun holiday season.

How Financial Literacy Can Combat Homelessness

One in three touched by homelessness in the UK


One in three people in Britain have experienced homelessness or know someone who has and with the number of homeless households up by 33% since 2010 , 76% people polled believe that councils should be doing more to help people, says the homeless charity umbrella group Homeless Link.

Despite rising homeless numbers, research indicates that the help available for people is actually shrinking.

Since 2010, 133 homeless projects have closed, over 4,000 bed spaces have been lost and the number of full-time staff in the sector has fallen by 16%. While nearly half (47%) of homeless services last year reported a fall in investment – by an average of 17%!

To make matters worse, it is believed that investment in services could fall even further, with councils in the last six months already having commonly reported cuts of between 25-40% to housing-related support budgets from central government.

For the individuals…

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Bashing the poor is losing its appeal

If you really want to know the end result of bashing the poor, read the Bible. How people treat the poor is how they will be judged. — T.J.

Down Not Out

From Oxfam UK Poverty Blog:

Bashing the poor is losing its appeal

by Chris Johnes Director, UK Poverty Programme

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Homelessness Action Week to focus on ‘invisible homeless’

You Don’t Have To Be Einstein

“You can not solve a problem with the same consciousness that caused it.” Einstein said.

I have noticed that in our city, the people most willing to “find solutions to the homeless problem” are in real estate or politicians from wealthy districts that are worried about the drop in property values.

Greed and materialism can not solve homelessness. Expanding the ideal of the American dream will. Not everyone wants or can afford a large home. We have to be given options. Making one bedroom homes and apartments as available and attractive to people who want to rent or buy would do low income people so much good and keep them off the street, but when greedy people want to only build castles and estates to sell to the highest bidder, that makes the cause of the poor that much more difficult.

Many of these low income people are employed in low paying jobs, such as health care workers, service workers, and part time job holders who are looking after a young child or elderly family member. Shall we punish people who are otherwise good human beings, because they can not pull down a $300,000 a year salary.

Changes have to be made. Not by the people who want to sweep homelessness under the rug to satisfy their own lust for big bucks. Elect public officials who will solve homelessness by correcting the inequities in the work place, instituting rent control, and building housing for the low income renter/buyer. And force them to ignore the clamor of  of real estate developers and city council members from wealthy districts, whose only aim is to become rich from selling to the rich.

Decriminalizing Homelessness in America

Finally. Read about what is being done and take action in your city and state.

What Really Excites Me…

What really excites me is that there are people who are coming up with ways to raise other people’s conciousness about what being homeless is like and people who are finding ways to help homeless people help themselves. I’ve reblogged a lot of good articles about these two subjects and hope it will touch other people to do similar projects in their communities. Here are some terrific ideas that I have come across while writing this blog:

Spend A Night Sleeping Rough. Great way to get people to realise how tough and dangerous it is to spend a night on the streets.

Build/Advocate Small Living Shelters. Not everyone can afford or wants a large house; help prevent homelessness by encouraging the establishment of settlements like Dignity Village. (See Welcome to the Small Time in the categories section of my blog.)

Volunteer for agencies and organizations that promote helping the homeless help themselves. These organizations do things such as provide small business loans, provide shelter for people who agree to work in exchange for rent, create service projects where the homeless given needed one-on-one employment training and job search support.

These kinds of ideas can be used to help in any community.