The journey to social inclusion: Exploring evidence based solutions to end homelessness

“Affordable housing is critical to ending homelessness. But some people need support to sustain that housing, otherwise we will continue to see the churn of repeated periods of homelessness”

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Sacred Heart Mission imageWith over 20 years’ experience in her sector, Cathy Humphrey, CEO of the Executive Team at St Kilda’s Sacred Heart Mission is a strong believer that “there is no one-size-fits-all model to solving homelessness. Support needs to be individualised with evidence showing that understanding the casual factors that lead to homelessness can provide effective intervention to sustain peoples permanent exit from homelessness. As a preview to her presentation at the biennial Homelessness Summit in Sydney, Cathy shared some of the positive and thoroughly researched findings of the Sacred Heart Mission’s recent Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) program.

Is ending homelessness as simple as providing housing and accommodation?

For some people, yes.

But there are many people with complex mental health issues, trauma and substance misuse issues that require much more than just a roof over their head. Many Sacred Heart Mission clients fit in to this group.

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