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3 Major Takeaways from the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans’ Annual Conference

Our Town

Where is the “go fund me” breakfast when it is needed? Next time try buying one cup of coffee for them and see if they can stay for a little while.

A Mind Divided

One People

Today I watched a police officer escort a homeless family out of HyVee’s café.    They had been in the booth behind me, so quiet I never even knew they were there—a mother, a father, a little boy about six and a baby in a stroller.  I didn’t see them bother anyone or cause a disturbance.  They were just resting, watching the big screen TV.

The young officer wasn’t mean, but he wasn’t kind either.  He asked what they were doing.  He asked if they were staying at The House of Compassion (our homeless shelter), then he got them up and out the door.

I don’t blame him—he was doing his job, I guess.  But I’m furious at whoever made the call to the police in the first place.  The family looked poor, but clean.  They didn’t smell drunk or seem high on street drugs.  The breakfast rush was over, so taking…

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The Micro Housing Kit (Idea)

Now that the idea of micro-housing has finally dawned on our state politicians consciousness, I feel like the next step is to prepare a micro-housing information kit and distribute it to various campers so that they can see what might be done for them and know who to call and connect with to make micro-housing a reality for the homeless in our state.  That’s the next project on my to do list.