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Question to those in the position of power…

What are you doing to help people who want to get off the streets? Keep asking it.

Support the Making of a New Documentary, titled: “Youth Homelessness in America”


We just wanted to share with you a great film project that any of you can be a part of and help support and get out the word. It’s documentary focusing on the issue of homelessness in America, and particularly with our youth. To find out more, please click here.


Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained within this blog post and site is offered simply as a consideration to visitors who are in the entertainment industry and are seeking to learn more about various areas of entertainment, be it in film, movies, television, music, digital, new media, film financing, merchandising and/or branding. As such, the information so provided should never be construed as legal advice.If you need further assistance or legal advice for your specific matter, please do not hesitate in contacting an entertainment attorney (film, music, digital, licensing, financing) here in Los Angeles, California at…

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The World According to Queen Mimi



She’s the queen of Montana Avenue. A vivacious dancer. A wise philosopher. But anyone who has lived nearly a century certainly has something worth to say. She is Queen Mimi, and she also spent thirty years being homeless. We are introduced to Mimi by actor and filmmaker Yaniv Rokah, who initially got to know her during his early morning commute to work. “I’d get up at 5am to open the coffee shop,” Rokah says. “There was no one on the street except for Mimi, who was also starting her day.”

He found out she was living and working for tips in the laundromat across from the coffee shop. She became a customer, exchanging clean coffee rags for coffee. Drawn to her vibrant personality, Rokah wanted to know more. “The more I learned about her, the bigger the mystery got,” he says.  “Finally, I just wanted to learn the whole story.” Rokah didn’t…

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Vereen Hopes Work Starts Dialogue on Homelessness, Human Compassion

SRQ Backlot

As Ben Vereen sits in a Sarasota restaurant wearing a cap that reads “Spiritual Enforcer,” intermittently piping pleasant sounds from a wood recorder, he waxes about the promises Baby Boomers made for the future, recounting his hopes from the past to a reporter born well after the Vietnam War. “Taking things back to the ’60s,” he recalls, “we were going to make it a better world for you guys.” He ponders that promise for a moment, then speaks up again. “I’m sorry.”

But whatever ills of humanity his generation failed to expunge, whether by negligence or because such goals were futile to start with, Vereen himself has never given up. Today, he takes a break from preparing a production of Hair—his revival of the musical his the stage at the Venice Theatre in the fall—and discusses his role in Time Out Of Mind, a drama about homelessness set to open the…

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March For The Homeless 2015 Advert

The State of Homelessness in America 2015: Trends in Veteran Homelessness

Curbed’s “Microweek” Call for Tiny Home Submissions

The big shot real estate brokers won’t get a big commission, but you won’t have to kill yourself at work to own a home either…

Ludwig Family Values

Always nice to see a familiar face! Our “wee cottage” is featured again on in a call for Tiny House Submissions.  Info below…


“Do you live in a splendidly small apartment? Did you design a clever lofted bed to create more space? Is your bedroom the size of a closet? Did you experience a micro-housing nightmare? We want to know! And we’re not stopping at tiny apartments; this is a week to highlight all of New York’s smallest spaces, so we’re also searching for the tiniest parks, offices, streets, stores, restaurants, coffee shops—you name it. Send stories, photos, and intel to”

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It’s All In the Details

Micro housing is so much safer than a camp or on the street, don’t you think?

Pod-able Life

When living in a small space, details really matter. Pops of color and interesting fabrics really stand out, but there definitely is not much room for decorative baubles. Most of the decor needs to be functional as well.

Here are a few of the details from my SCADpad:

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Kailua woman’s struggle highlights rising elderly homeless population

Much aloha, hope you find help soon.


Please read my blog. There may be some tips to help you. Take care, T.J.

The Rabbit Hole

Melissa Cooke_UndertowEngulf_LA-Z Blogging Challenge: Theme-Homelessness

Letter E=Engulfed

To say that I was totally engulfed in my situation is an understatement, those first few days whilst still in shock and denial, I walked around with a severely optimistic view that this really wasn’t happening and I’ll just wake up.

I’d started a new job the day after the repossession and to look at me smartly dressed, hair done make-up in place no one would ever realise that I was homeless, you wear a mask whilst depressed I’d adopted a shroud of “this is not really happening” of course the only person I was fooling was me, amazing what the human mind can deny!!.

As I said a friend had put me up in a hotel for a couple of days, but come the Saturday, reality would come back into sharp focus, I had nowhere to stay from that point, a very good…

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