Sleep Easy…

The cold in your bones that does not leave you… that’s right!

A Bumpy Ride

This weekend was a busy one. On Friday night I took to the streets with 50 others to ‘sleep rough so others don’t have to’, with Cheltenham YMCA, dubbed on twitter as #SleepEasy2015 or just #Sleepy2015.

We all met at 7.30pm to get our boxes, and until midnight, there were activities in the sports hall and in the car park. We took part in Zumba to keep warm as the wind picked up and before heading to bed we took part in a quiz that the organisers had put together. Most people also decorated their boxes which were then judged at 9pm. Now I know that at this point, it sounds more like a jolly camping trip rather than a hard hitting experience! However, the sobriety of the situation was never far from all of our minds and the fun activities were a way of keeping spirits high. 

My home for the night! My home…

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