It’s Always My Fault

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The Rabbit Hole

my faultAnother side to the Aplogetic Depression is how willing we are to take the blame for just about everything.

The capacity for taking responsibility for stuff that doesn’t even have anything to do with you amazes me, so much so that you actually believe it to be true.

We let people off with their bad behaviour and not only apologise for it, we also take on the full blame of whatever circumstance occurs at that time, what stuns me is that people let you do it, let them off the hook.

They don’t realise that your ill and the very nature of your illness, is lack of self-worth, confidence ,happiness, all the things they take for granted, and when you take on the extra load of blame you crumble a little more.

We lose the ability to articulate how we feel, thusly when situations arise we rush to the front…

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