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The housing first concept (which we support)—first developed by Pathways to Housing http://pathwaystohousing.org/ —method of dealing with the homeless, works, as this story from the San Jose Mercury News reports.

An excerpt.

We hear a lot about the great divide in Silicon Valley — the gap between the rich and the poor. Nowhere is that more evident than in the 300-plus homeless encampments in Santa Clara County, some not far from million dollar homes and billion dollar corporations.

Nobody should have to live like that — not in Silicon Valley, not anywhere.

We were reminded of this cruel reality with the closing of the Story Road encampment, sometimes called the Jungle. It was a heartbreaking scene as those who have been living there — some for years — tried to pack up their belongings, wet and muddy from the rain.

For me, homelessness is not something that happens to other…

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