A tent city planner advocates for housing first in Chico California

If the pioneers could have only lived in shelters that were a standard three bedrooms and built to code, this country would have never been settled by the pioneers.

Without a Roof


Andrew Hebin, author of Tent City Urbanism and co-founder of Opportunity Village in Eugene Oregon, spoke in Chico California Sunday on his Tent Cities Urbanism Tour.


1) Solutions to affordable housing are modular in nature and that one size doesn’t fit all.

2) Housing is much more than mathematics on the size of your space and the enmities you possess.

3) Misconceptions and generalities are pervasive and limit the will of communities as it relates to provide desperately needed affordable housing.

4) Tent Cities and Tiny House Villages are poorly understood by a general public that relies on sound bites instead of hard facts on the ground. The reality is communities comprised of people of meager income are working quite well across the United States.

Without a Roof Synopsis

The dynamics of affordable housing requires a paradigm shift to shelter that is affordable for individuals and…

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