Lessons Learned in a Homeless Shelter

Good read. Although I have personally come in contact with people who lived off the system, their children and grandchildren have paid the price of their elders deceit. As a child who grew up in the worst slum in my state, I know.

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Lessons Learned in a Homeless Shelter:
Middle Class Misunderstandings of Welfare, Poverty, and People

I grew up in the suburbs.  So suburban that I didn’t even know there was a difference between rural, urban, suburban.  I grew up in Orange County California (Lots of mullah).  Now I live in Lebanon, PA.  (How do you describe Lebanon, really?  It’s small urban city.  Surrounded by farmlands. Racially, it’s predominately White and Puerto Rican.  High unemployment rates and addiction (heroine and alcohol are the biggies in our town) are obvious – even just driving through the city.  Many here would be considered low income households that live on the margins.)

Before moving to Lebanon, I had never met anyone on food stamps.  And honestly I didn’t really think anything about “welfare,” per se.  But I got a lot of messages growing up about what that is…We don’t talk about that.  Some people…

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