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A Helping Hand, at Good News Partners (Feature Friday!)

A Year of Being Kind

A Year of Being Kind blog – Friday, July 11, 2014


A Helping Hand, at Good News Partners

I remembered something today. Something I haven’t thought of for a number of months. I remembered offering some piano lessons to several children, at reduced cost. These were not my usual piano students. No, these were children who lived at the Jonquil Hotel, a single-room residency building that is part of Good News Partners, a ministry that tries to make God’s love and caring tangible in the lives of those they serve. Good News Partners is located in the North of Howard section of the Rogers Park neighborhood, in Chicago just a few blocks from Lake Michigan. The other housing options of GNP make up a unique housing continuum, with a shelter, rental housing, and cooperative housing.

I traveled only a few miles, and crossed the border into Chicago. I transitioned into…

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The shell game politics of homelessness

“One would think, perhaps naively on my part, that politicos, as they typically do have private sector experience, would think things through. But alas, that is not the case, especially when it comes to troubleshooting social issues. Increasingly, it is much easier to simply “move the problem.” I mean seriously, who has time to actually sit down and think through a problem and try to develop a solution? Our public decision-makers, the politicos, don’t have time for that; they’re too busy worrying about the next election and supporting their power base, namely those who keep their campaign coffers on the green.” — Ain’t it the truth?

Victim of brutal assault Marlene Bird overwhelmed by outpouring of support

By Jason Warick

SASKATOON — The Prince Albert woman tortured and burned so badly her legs had to be amputated says she’s overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

In her first public comments since the vicious June 1 attack, Marlene Bird said the cards, letters and rallies in Saskatoon and Prince Albert have lifted her spirits.

“Things have been hard, (but) I never thought so many people would think of me. It feels good,” Bird said in a wide-ranging interview Sunday afternoon inside her room at St. Paul’s Hospital.

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Bird, 47, was attacked in downtown Prince Albert on June 1. Following an evening worship service, the homeless woman was walking to her aunt’s in the hope of staying the night. She normally walks with a friend at night, but no one she knew was at church.

“I get scared by myself, but I couldn’t find…

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Disgusting and vile – how we view homeless people

Many homeless people are clean and are trying to find work and housing. We don’t see them, we only see the people who look homeless and make judgments.

The City VS Larry Rice

Unfortunately, the care and shelter of the homeless is often undertaken by people who are unable to see the complete picture of the homeless population. Either they believe all homeless people are devils or angels. The homeless population reflects our society as a whole. Good, bad, scammers, innocents, etc. If you get to know a person well enough, telling one from the other is not a problem.

Mind of a Bourgeois Black Girl

” How we treat the vulnerable is how we define ourselves as a species.” ~Russell Brand

Last year winter I decided to produce a series of photo essays on the homeless population in downtown Saint Louis Missouri. One early Saturday morning I headed down to Loctus street near the new library and NLEC [New Life Evangelistic Center] where most of the less fortunate dwell. I had my photographer and son in tow; believing it is important to instill the value of life in children early I felt it was important that he be with me. We stopped to grab several cups of fresh coffee and some breakfast muffins to hand out to those individuals who consented to speaking with us.

Sheltered and somewhat green having grown up in middle class suburbia I was a little hesitant in actually approaching people and asking for an interview. The first person I approached was a woman…

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Why Not Start a National ‘I Was Once Homeless’ Day?

Everyone who was once homeless and who survived and became housed and employed can march one day around the city or state capital. The rally can raise awareness that the homeless condition is not a death sentence to die in the gutter and that helping someone who is homeless really does matter.

How I became homeless: ‘If you think it can’t happen to you, think again’

Down Not Out

By Jon Henley published by The Guardian:

Steve Grant on how he went from being an art teacher to living on the street – and how Crisis is helping him rebuild his life

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Cardboard Stories: Rethink Homelessness

Human Services Policy Network

How many of you walked by a ‪‎homeless person this morning? The video below challenges you to rethink your assumptions about their lives.

One of the National Human Services Assembly’s members, the National Network for Youth, is committed to advocating at the federal level to educate the public and policymakers about the needs of homeless and disconnected youth. They are a membership organization of service providers, state agencies, coalitions, advocates and individuals who work towards our vision of a world where vulnerable and homeless youth can escape the dangers of the streets and access safety, youth-appropriate services, hope and healing.

For an example, did you know nearly 2 million youth experience at least one night of homelessness in a year, and that on a given night 46,000 youth can be found on the street? Yet according to HUD, less than 4,200 beds exist nationally that are dedicated to this population. And…

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