Housing Affordability Improves Student Test Scores

Affordable Housing from P Dribin

A study by Johns Hopkins University demonstrates that students’ school test scores improve if the students are residing in more affordable housing. This is consistent with other studies. If housing is not affordable, that causes instability, more frequent moves, which are contrary to school success.

New Study Finds Child Test Scores Affected by Housing Affordability

Children’s academic achievements are impacted by the affordability of their housing, says a new study from Johns Hopkins University. Children from families that spend 30 percent of their income on housing have significantly higher test scores than those spending significantly more than or less than 30 percent. According to the study, families spending more than 30 percent have less income for other essential items that contribute to child development, such as food and health care. On the other hand, families that do not invest enough in housing often live in distressed neighborhoods and inadequate dwellings…

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