What is Homelessness? Who does it affect?

Homelessness in America

Image (image taken from New York times)

As we approach Father’s Day, we hope that all of the homeless men, women, and children are close to your heart. So we ask the simple question, What is homelessness?  Who does it affect? Does it have a certain appearance, race, sex, or upbringing?

There are an estimated 3.5 million homeless people in America as of this post. This number includes an estimated 1.5 million children.

The Shocking Truth

1/3 of Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. Two percent of all homeless are unaccompanied minors. Of course, these statistics stood out the most to me, but this organizations webpage is full of statistics that might help us with our campaign.


Some additional sobering facts:

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Facts and Figures: The Homeless . NOW on…

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