Without Tenure or a Home

Path to a Permanent Home

Mary-Faith Cerasoli is an adjunct professor of Romance languages.

Many people think that homelessness affects the poor and uneducated.  However, this article by Julie Glassberg, interviews a college professor who cannot attain a secure position at her job and a place to stay. The woman named Mary-Faith Cerasoli, 53, an adjunct professor of Romance languages teaches at Mercy College in Westchester and other colleges around New York City. Being an adjunct professor she says “is rewarding, she said, but not the pay: several thousand dollars per course, with no benefits”. With no benefits and a thyroid condition and equally low  pay, Unable to secure a teaching position. Ms.Cerasoli has often slept in her car and showered in the universities bathrooms just to stay sustain herself.

To read more about this story, please visit: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/30/nyregion/without-tenure-or-a-home.html

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