Oakland Artist Turns Illegally Dumped Garbage Into Homes For Homeless

Recycling as a cure for homelessness. I love it.

Do The Right Thing Daily

homeless+homes+5By: Garvin Thomas, NBC Bay Area
Greg Kloehn wonders why it didn’t dawn on him sooner.

The West Oakland artist had long been fascinated by the temporary shelters his homeless neighbors created for themselves out of materials they scavenged from the street.

So fascinated, in fact, a couple of years ago, Greg decided to give one a try. “I wanted to build a home in a day, for no money.”

One week (and $50) later, he had one: a tiny home on wheels, long enough to lie down in, not tall enough to stand in, roughly the size of a compact car.

And that was that.

Greg had no plans for what to do with it once completed, so the home simply sat in his studio for months.

Then, one rainy night, Charlene, a homeless woman in Greg’s neighborhood, knocked on his door.

She asked if I had a tarp,”…

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