Tragic Choice: Homelessness or Abuse?

Quote: “According to the report, a “high number” of homeless single women who struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues also have a history of sexual abuse. Other physical and emotional effects, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, include battering, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, addiction, anger, and isolation.” — To prevent some forms of homelessness, sometimes we must address the abuse that is going on in a child’s home. –T.J.

Madison Homeless Project

By Natalie Amend 

One by one, they fall.

Identification. Medication. Toiletries. Money, if possible. When he’s in a bad mood, she hides each object in her pocket, throwing them out the window one by one.

They accumulate on the porch throughout the day. When he becomes violent, she opens the door, grabs her pile of necessities, and runs.

She doesn’t have a plan. She only runs, because anywhere is better than an unsafe home.

This is the story of a Madison woman who chose homelessness over domestic abuse. She eventually found a home at the World Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). According to Libby Tucci, Bilingual Housing First Case Manager at the YWCA, every domestic abuse case is unique, but this woman’s story represents a commonality: desperation.

“When you’re fleeing a violent relationship, you’re not thinking about the big picture, which is why many [domestic abuse] survivors become homeless,” Tucci…

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