A Night in Their Shoes: Hunger Homeless Sleepout

Haleigh LaMontagne

The ground is still muddy from the day’s rain as almost 30 Ithaca College students begin to lay sleeping bags out on the academic quad. The group gets a few strange looks from passerby, but this doesn’t deter them from setting up camp. Soon enough, the Ithaca College Catholic community’s first Hunger Homeless Sleepout is underway.

Taking a Stand

The sleepout took place from the night of Friday, April 11th to the morning of Saturday, April 12th. It was organized by the Ithaca College Catholic Community in an effort to raise awareness about homelessness and poverty in Ithaca. Participants were asked to only bring what they could carry on their back to spend a night outside on the quad. Most arrived with only a sleeping bag in hand.

David Holmes is the campus minister of the Catholic community and was instrumental in organizing the sleepout. He said his past experiences in…

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