The gift of the shadow of death.

Some homeless in our town have recently started to become violent. I wonder if the new surge in aggression in our homeless community can be traced to homeless people losing all their belongings in raids (i.e. throwing away their tents, etc.) I also wonder if there will ever be a study to find out if there is a correlation between government confiscation of a homeless persons property and subsequent convictions for violent/property crimes OR if those actions result in the hospitalization/death of the homeless person.


(Photo taken in my backyard.) (Photo taken in my backyard.) This morning I saw my friend Abe for the first time in weeks. He looked bright-eyed and well-tended. As we spoke, I noticed a body brace peeking out from his windbreaker and asked him what had happened.

“I got beaten with a baseball bat, ” he said, matter-of-factly. He said he was hospitalized for more than a month.

Abe is a gentle, peaceful man. I doubt there was anything he did to provoke such an attack though, even if he had, he should not have to experience such brutality.

“I could have died,” he told me. His attitude was one of gratitude that he had survived, that God was with him, even in the midst of violence, and that God is with him now.

Shortly after that, I saw another friend, who put on a cheerful face when I greeted him. He didn’t look as…

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