Nova Scotia woman takes homeless concerns into her own hands, opens private shelter

National Post | News

When the overnight homeless shelter in a church in Truro, N.S., closes at 7 a.m., it is often volunteer Audrey Bailey’s job to hand out bag lunches before politely prodding the 12 or so patrons outside. But as temperatures dropped below -30C this month, Ms. Bailey was having trouble watching them go. And with plans for a city-funded, 24-hour shelter still in the early stages, Ms. Bailey decided to take matters into her own hands: she opened a shelter herself.

A former mental health outreach worker, Ms. Bailey leased some downtown office space and announced after a meeting of city and community members that it would soon be open to anyone looking for reprieve from the cold after the overnight shelter closed.

“All I could think of was those people walking around town,” said Ms. Bailey, who often drives patrons to a nearby Tim Horton’s and buys them a drink…

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