Details of who will be moving into our container homes at Richardson’s Yard

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33 of the 36 places for our container homes development, Richardson’s Yard, have now been allocated.

On Wednesday evening, I had the huge honour of meeting the 33, along with some of their friends, families and support workers. I have to say I found the experience extremely moving, not least the sense of hope and anticipation that the 33 conveyed.

It also dawned on me that, while BHT has taken on the leases or acquired housing over recent years, this is the first time for quite a while that we have helped create new supply, on this occasion in partnership with our development partner, QED Property Ltd. It is an amazing feeling, equal to the moment we employed our first former client, the first time a former client was appointed a manager within BHT, and the frequent occasions when I bump into people whose lives have been changed because of…

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