Homelessness Action Week to focus on ‘invisible homeless’

Global News

The annual Homelessness Action Week kicked off on Sunday, and this year’s focus is on the so-called “invisible homeless” in Metro Vancouver.

The city says 80 per cent of homeless people do not live on the street.

These are the people who live in their cars, church basements or even the floors and couches of friends and family.

They live month to month in unstable and even unsafe housing, with the fear of ending up on the street.

The city says these people are harder to notice because they are not visible on the streets.

Authorities say the solution is to go beyond providing people with shelter, but giving them a safe and permanent place to live and call home.

Metro Vancouver does a homeless count every three years  with the next one being planned for next year. But the 2011 homeless count has shown that 2,623 people were found…

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