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Single homeless people: FOR-HOME study from Centrepoint

Down Not Out

See a link about the FOR-HOME studyfrom Centrepoint:

The FOR-HOME study investigated the experiences of 400 single homeless people who were resettled from hostels and other temporary accommodation into independent tenancies in London, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

See the report by visiting:

Click to access for-home_final_report.pdf

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What Really Excites Me…

What really excites me is that there are people who are coming up with ways to raise other people’s conciousness about what being homeless is like and people who are finding ways to help homeless people help themselves. I’ve reblogged a lot of good articles about these two subjects and hope it will touch other people to do similar projects in their communities. Here are some terrific ideas that I have come across while writing this blog:

Spend A Night Sleeping Rough. Great way to get people to realise how tough and dangerous it is to spend a night on the streets.

Build/Advocate Small Living Shelters. Not everyone can afford or wants a large house; help prevent homelessness by encouraging the establishment of settlements like Dignity Village. (See Welcome to the Small Time in the categories section of my blog.)

Volunteer for agencies and organizations that promote helping the homeless help themselves. These organizations do things such as provide small business loans, provide shelter for people who agree to work in exchange for rent, create service projects where the homeless given needed one-on-one employment training and job search support.

These kinds of ideas can be used to help in any community.

Broadway’s fundraisers doing what we can to support homeless clients (via soup and soda bread … )

Broadway Blogs

Words by Andy Mortimer, communications coordinator at Broadway Homelessness and Support

So it’s here. After all the months of planning, recipe hunting, website building and general journalist begging (“Please write about this; it’s for charity; it will make you feel good about yourself…”) Souper September has finally been launched. Phew.

For those of you who don’t yet know about the concept, we have created a very simple ask. Make some soup for lunch and donate what you would have paid out for a meal deal or pub lunch to us at Broadway. In the words of some very irritating TV meerkats: “Simples”.

But you can even go further than this. You can set up Souper Socials, you can do company-wide soup days, you can do soup swaps. All the details of these truly amazing fundraising ideas are available on the website (, so I will endeavour not to…

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Neighborhood Service Organization Partners with Quicken Loans to Reduce Homelessness in Detroit

The Woodward Spine

DETROIT —Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) announced Wednesday a partnership with Quicken Loans, the nation’s largest online home lender, as part of its efforts to fight homelessness in Detroit.

Focused on being “always within reach,” NSO is a private, non-profit human service agency providing accessible and innovative human service programs designed to support and strengthen individuals and families and empowering communities. As part of its commitment to Detroit’s neighborhoods, Quicken Loans has partnered with NSO to help finish renovating the former Michigan Bell Building into permanent, supportive housing for homeless adults as well as a health clinic for the community.

“Today we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the residential opening of the NSO Bell Building,” said NSO President and CEO Sheilah Clay. “Quicken Loans’ generosity will take us closer to completing the restoration of this historic building while the people living here are working daily to restore their lives. Together…

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Packet sandwiches. Used for good not evil

My 25th Year

I don’t agree with giving homeless people money. Never had. Mum always told us it was better to buy them something at least that way you know it cannot be spent on drink or drugs. Also with reports of people who ‘beg’ as their ‘job’ who actually live in posh houses I think it’s best to not give money.

On the way to the station tonight their was a homeless man sat outside sanisburys. He didn’t look too bad off. He had warm clothes and a blanket. I have only once or twice camped out with no shelter whatsoever but it is so so cold. I can’t imagine doing it every night and never feeling warm. Or even worse getting wet and not drying out.

I hadn’t had a chance to eat my own dinner so wanted a little snack and a drink so popped into sanisburys anyway. It’s £3…

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Homeless In America


Homeless in america is a tragedy and it is a thing every night in the US 750,000 people are out sleeping on the streets.

5% of homeless are disabled

4% are elderly men

4% are looking for work

8% are looking for part-time jobs

14% are mentally Impaired

23% are women

22% are vets

15% are children

and 5% are people who do not fall within any of these above groups

so I ask “what are people doing about this  problem?” Independent group are holding events to help these poor innocent souls. what is our country’s government doing? Not a thing but sitting on there butts caring more about oil than our own country. The may be doing something about it but it’s not very much.

So please help the homeless call or email your local officials and see what your city is doing about this problem in america


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Video About Being Ex-forces and Homeless

Down Not Out

Here is a short video that inspired the ‘Soldiers Off The Streets’ charity. It is titled Ex-forces and homeless.

As Soldiers Off The Streets say “This video will open your eyes to how veterans are living on the streets of Britain un-seen and forgotten.”

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Health Care for the Homeless Website

Stats that tell only part of the story…

A few days ago a story ran on the news about how the city was finally getting rid of the tents around town, they were celebrating a victory. Then right after that a front page newspaper story announced how the mental illness issues and emergency room stays for the homeless were rising in the last 4 years. Now if people could put two and two together. Maybe the rise in mental illness among the homeless and the jump in emergency room costs are related to the “tents in the trash” programs (which, coincidentally, began around 4 years ago).

Another precious news story from just today: The homeless rates are going down from 2005 to now. If they would study the amount of homeless dying every year (which surely has risen) they might see the cause of the decline. As usual, public policy has chosen the low road to solving the problems of homelessness.

How a Homeless Man Helped Me Get Home – Keys to Being Alone & Not Lonely

Sarah Suero

ImageHave you ever had a mind full? Thoughts whirling through your head like a tornado, round and round? Yeah, that was my mind tonight. Everything from groceries to life changing questions. They wouldn’t go away. Worry, doubt and fear slowly started creeping in. Frustrated and in an effort to clear my head of the thought tornado I decided to go for a run.

Keeping it light the only thing I took with me was my house key tied it to my shoe laces. I chose the scenic route, the river. Peaceful. Nice breeze. Relaxed pace. As my pace quickened my thoughts dropped onto the pavement. With each step my mind was becoming quieter and quieter.

I fell into a pace. Soon all I heard was the pounding of my feet on the pavement. Then the rhythm of my breathing was the only thing I heard. My mind became clearer and clearer. I forgot…

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