Packet sandwiches. Used for good not evil

My 25th Year

I don’t agree with giving homeless people money. Never had. Mum always told us it was better to buy them something at least that way you know it cannot be spent on drink or drugs. Also with reports of people who ‘beg’ as their ‘job’ who actually live in posh houses I think it’s best to not give money.

On the way to the station tonight their was a homeless man sat outside sanisburys. He didn’t look too bad off. He had warm clothes and a blanket. I have only once or twice camped out with no shelter whatsoever but it is so so cold. I can’t imagine doing it every night and never feeling warm. Or even worse getting wet and not drying out.

I hadn’t had a chance to eat my own dinner so wanted a little snack and a drink so popped into sanisburys anyway. It’s £3…

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Freelance writer. Activist on homeless issues. 48 years old. I write about subjects that need to be examined closely and thoughtfully. The idea for Brain Sections came from reading a book about abandoned asylums. I wanted to set a suspense story in that setting. The inclusion of crazed scientists turning homeless people into zombies is what makes the story unique. View all posts by tjmcfee

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