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A Few Ideas

Got a few ideas for coming posts. Want to finish my Resume series with the interview section (part 3) and do a little post on those people who never can seem to forget you were homeless, once you have gotten off the streets.

Kind Carpenter Helps Homeless Men Get Back On Their Feet…

Ideas to help are all around. We just need the courage to implement them.

Kindness Blog

Kind Carpenter

Georgia native Brian Preston lost his remodeling business, his house and the family cars when the recession hit back in 2008, but he never lost hope. The resilient builder came up with a new plan – to make furniture from reclaimed wood like dismantled barns and shipping palettes. He needed employees to start his venture and he found his first in an unusual place – living in the woods behind a shopping center. The homeless man had a story similar to Brian’s – he had been in the housing business and lost everything when the recession hit.

“I swore I would never come back,” Curtis said as he went again to the woods where he lived in a tent for ten months. He remembered the day he left the site for good: “It took me four trips to get all my stuff outta here.”

Curtis can now afford to rent…

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Love the pix.

A Project for Kindness

rich heart

I took my boys into New York City today.  Since The All-Star Game will be held at Citi Field this summer, there are painted apples all over the city representing all of the teams in the league.  We got to see 11 of the 35 apples today.  It was a fun and exhausting day but we had a really nice time, and the boys actually got along for MOST of the time.  It was a great way to spend our first day of summer vacation!

While we were there, we saw many homeless people on the streets.  Some were pan handling, some were sleeping and others were just trying to find some shade to keep cool on such a hot day.  This is something my boys have definitely seen before, but for some reason, the three of us really took notice of it today.  We saw a woman rummaging through…

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Lost and Found: Faith and spirituality in the lives of homeless people – by Carwyn Gravell [review]

All the good stuff seems to be coming from Britain lately….

Grace + Truth

Lost and Found by Carwyn GravellThis article was originally published under the title ‘Spirituality is part of caring’ in The Church Times, 21st June 2013

In the day centre for homeless people that the West London Mission runs in Marylebone, the chaplain helps to facilitate a spirituality group, where rough-sleepers reflect and discuss the “deep things” of life. What I most enjoy about it is the way it grapples with questions in an honest and raw way.

Last week, we were looking at the story in Acts when Peter and John are arrested and threatened by the Sanhedrin, but reject its demands to keep silent about the resurrected Jesus. As we discussed the courage of the early Church, one of the men declared bluntly:

“This is what we need — not this wishy-washy Christianity. The thing about Jesus was — he had balls.”

Christian controversies

Most homeless projects came out of the Church. The Christian…

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