How Would You Define (and Solve) Poverty?

Interesting ideas. –T.J.

Mission: Allendale

What is poverty?

That is the question asked at the beginning of chapter 2 in When Helping Hurts (Steve Corbet and Brian Fikkert). So take some time, and write down a few words or phrases that come to mind when you think of poverty.

More than likely, if you are from a middle-class (and especially Caucasian) culture, you think of poverty as being centered around a lack of material resources — money, food, health care, infrastructure, jobs, etc. This mindset is how the World Bank set out to rebuild ravaged Europe and low-income countries (such as India) after World War II.

But whereas investing capital in Europe proved successful, in places like India the economy failed to thrive, or even grow at all. What’s the difference?

Their efforts proved that poverty is more complex than having physical needs. Therefore, solving poverty is more complex than charitable donations.

What Is Poverty?

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