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The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America

Taking Back America

The Economic Collapse
By Michael, on April 9th, 2013
The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America - Photo by Claude Le Berre
Did you know that there are thousands upon thousands of homeless people that are living underground beneath the streets of major U.S. cities?  It is happening in Las Vegas, it is happening in New York City and it is even happening in Kansas City.  As the economy crumbles, poverty in the United States is absolutely exploding and so is homelessness.  In addition to the thousands of “tunnel people” living under the streets of America, there are also thousands that are living in tent cities, there are tens of thousands that are living in their vehicles and there are more than a million public school children that do not have a home to go back to at night.  The federal government tells us that the recession “is over” and that “things are getting better”, and yet poverty and homelessness in…

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Homeless Jesus

Great words to put on a t-shirt.


One interesting thing about getting an apartment after you have been homeless is that some of your homeless friends seem to be less than thrilled to see you get off the streets.
I have been going through this experience for the last few months. Some of my still-homeless friends have now taken up the challenge to get their own housing and stand up for their rights, take initiative, etc. Others, (one I hardly know, in particular) have not-so-subtlety hinted that I should take them in as a house mate. Another has been calling me at odd hours with desperate pleas for help and assistance.
As much as I like helping people, I also don’t like attempts to get me back on the streets by sabotaging my living situation. If someone wants to use me as an example, fine. If I can do it, you can too. But don’t try to get me back on the streets… because you miss your buddy.

Wrap Up….

Hope for the Homeless?

Dom's Blog

Recently I posted about Mary washing Jesus’ feet. In response Judas said that the perfume she used could have been sold and the money given to the poor. Of course Jesus knew Judas was not interested in the poor but the money. Jesus replied that they would always have the poor with them but not Jesus as he was about to go to Jerusalem and face his arrest, crucifixion and resurrection.

Later that week Jesus washes his disciples feet which we tend to remember on Maundy Thursday. Not only is this a testament to what Jesus was about to do but also a call to characterise his attitude.

Some of us might have been on a March of Witness with our local churches. Did you happen to see them… the poor, the homeless? We often think about how we can help them, or perhaps tend to think we cannot help them so why try. My wife and I were challenged by…

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A few pay day’s away: homelessness



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Going Soft and Giving to Homeless Veterans

Off The Base

A soft and comfortable place to lay your head – that’s a simple need. It’s a need that Cyd Deathe hopes to fulfill for 200 homeless veterans.

Cyd is president of  the Tampa Area Marine Parents Association and a proud mom of OIF Wounded Warrior Veteran LCpl Adam, USMC 03-07.

She’s committed to providing 200 pillows for the Homeless Veterans Stand Down scheduled April 5-7 in Tallahassee. That’s this Friday through Sunday, so time is short.

What Cyd needs to provide the promised pillows:

  • Fabric of plain colors and easy to sew material
  • Stuffing or  fiber fill for pillows
  • Local volunteers to help sew
  • Sewing supplies – thread, etc.

Or if you can’t sew and don’t have any extra fabric to contribute, financial donations are welcomed too. Cyd estimates it costs about $2 to make a pillow.

If you like to sew pillows and live in the Tampa Bay area…

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Homeless Man Wins $50,000 In Lotto

Not that I’m encouraging gambling, but this is a one-in-a-million story:

Another View About Homelessness

Fellow Talk

By kt crossman

Homeless in winterWith the wind chill, it’s about 15 degrees outside this morning.  This week is shaping up to be the coldest DC has seen in a long time; while all that means for me is an unpleasant wait for the bus, for others it’s a very real threat.  The man who sits on the corner of 16th and K every morning, wishing the speed-walking commuters a nice day, wasn’t there when I walked by and I am hoping it’s because he’s still at a shelter, or at least some place warm.

Like most people attending law school, I come from a place of relative privilege.  I might not be part of the 1% (and the size of my student loans might terrify me), but I don’t have the first idea what it’s like to be homeless or without a safety net.  So sometimes I feel like the…

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My Opinions on Homelessness

This looks a lot like a Brain Sections post, but it is a terrific post that I found on Word Press. — T.J.

Morgan Taylor

Homelessness is something that strikes just about every large city in America. Everyone has their own opinions on what causes homelessness and what to do about the problem. A widely held opinion is that homeless people are lazy and useless, but I disagree. Often times, those who find themselves homeless are without resources. The lack of resources does not allow for any growth or progress on moving out of homelessness. There are different responses from different types of agencies on how they think it’s best to end homelessness. At any rate, we must move from a stop-the-bleeding mentality to a cure-the-wound mentality if we desire lasting change in the homeless community.
In a big city, there are bound to be multiple shelters and agencies geared towards helping the homeless. One of the main problems with shelters is there never seems to be enough space for everyone who needs a place…

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