What I learned After One Year of Research on Homelessness

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The Homeless in Wake County, North Carolina: The Listening Project


In February 2012, I started down this road to understand homelessness.  I learned a lot of things:

Social Networks Matter a Whole Lot. I learned that most people end up homeless because their social networks have fallen apart due to a crisis or series of life events — or they never had solid family or friend structures to begin with.  A good example is foster kids who age out of the system.

Housing Goes to Those Who ‘Qualify’: I saw first hand how rental subsidies to the ‘cream of the crop’ because you need an income to pay rent, and most of the chronically homeless don’t have an income – or at least a steady income.  So, agencies have budgets they can’t touch, and homeless clients they can’t help.  The system is so convoluted.

A Homeless Client Navigating the Maze of the ‘System’  If you are homeless, there’s no one…

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