Hope for the Homeless?

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Recently I posted about Mary washing Jesus’ feet. In response Judas said that the perfume she used could have been sold and the money given to the poor. Of course Jesus knew Judas was not interested in the poor but the money. Jesus replied that they would always have the poor with them but not Jesus as he was about to go to Jerusalem and face his arrest, crucifixion and resurrection.

Later that week Jesus washes his disciples feet which we tend to remember on Maundy Thursday. Not only is this a testament to what Jesus was about to do but also a call to characterise his attitude.

Some of us might have been on a March of Witness with our local churches. Did you happen to see them… the poor, the homeless? We often think about how we can help them, or perhaps tend to think we cannot help them so why try. My wife and I were challenged by…

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Freelance writer. Activist on homeless issues. 48 years old. I write about subjects that need to be examined closely and thoughtfully. The idea for Brain Sections came from reading a book about abandoned asylums. I wanted to set a suspense story in that setting. The inclusion of crazed scientists turning homeless people into zombies is what makes the story unique. View all posts by tjmcfee

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