Entrepreneur and Homeless Advocate: Invest in Citizens

Oh My God. Read this. Read this!

Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative

March 18, 2013  By Wendi Kent

AN OPEN LETTER TO: Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Dane County Executive, Joe Parisi

I am originally from Austin, Texas, a city I know the mayor to be quite fond of, understandably. I lived there until my mid twenties. At 15 years old, I found myself living on the streets. I was 5ʼ2”, 95 pounds soaking wet, severely depressed, and completely lost. For a while, I kept to myself and tried to figure out how to survive. I felt it easier to find places to sleep and food to eat when I didn’t have anyone with me who might scare away approval or offerings. This put me at greater risk of experiencing violence. I found myself the victim of sexual assault and other violent crimes a number of times before this part of my life was over. Later I learned that this was extremely…

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