Anger Issues and the Homeless

Got some great information that I thought I would pass on about resolving losses and the self-protective shield that many homeless people put around themselves as a way to avoid “loss-threatening circumstances or events.”

First we must understand there are many types of losses:

Relational Losses (ie. deaths, divorces, abandonment, etc.); Physical Losses (ie. health problems, bankruptcy, natural disasters, etc.); Emotional Losses (ie. abuse, traumatic experiences, etc.); Sexual Losses (ie. sexual abuse, surgery, etc.); Spiritual Losses (these occur with all abuses); Existential Losses (ie. loss of a sense of security or purpose, etc.)

Experiencing many losses in life causes us to lose hope. When these losses go unresolved, they may lead to feelings of rage. The rage is used as a self-protective shield to avoid more losses and is evidence that we have lost hope (in ourselves, the system, authority, etc.) This loss of hope leads to self-defeating behavior.

In a homeless person, this leads to self sabotaging (others efforts to help) in an attempt to keep the rage and resentment alive and avoid hope that may lead to soul crushing disappointments.

The book Faces of Rage by David Damico 1992 talks more about the subject in general.


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