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Building simple,safe housing is the solution to the Earth’sHomeless blight. After years as a Contractor,I have realized that the Public are hood winked by our Regulatory agencies to do what a select few have construed as the “only” way. This makes the agency’s implemented laws the Only way.
Alternatively,that’s not always the best way!
Housing units are deemed “allowed” aka permitted based on a bunch of factors. The most is for financial gain of a select few:
#1 you (the owner)
#2 bank (they make 3x the amount you borrowed over the life of the mortgage)
#3 tax collector (the commission of valued homes value)
#4 realtors. (higher values = larger commissions)
#5 mortgage brokers higher values =”higher tips”
. Across the US the housing bubble has burst and tens of thousands of Families and individuals have lost their homes to price gouging.
Some of these folks are living…

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Freelance writer. Activist on homeless issues. 48 years old. I write about subjects that need to be examined closely and thoughtfully. The idea for Brain Sections came from reading a book about abandoned asylums. I wanted to set a suspense story in that setting. The inclusion of crazed scientists turning homeless people into zombies is what makes the story unique. View all posts by tjmcfee

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