1800 Homeless Children In D.C., And We Care

...With Housing and Justice For All

You may have read the Washington Post article by Petula Dvorak this past weekend, “600 homeless children in D.C., and no one seems to care.” In the article, Ms. Dvorak highlights an alarming discrepancy between the glowing financial health of the District and the fact that there are hundreds of children sleeping at the DC General Shelter. Unfortunately, these children are not alone. According to the most recent data from DC Action for Children’s Kids Count, there are actually over 1800 kids who are homeless in the District.

The good (and hopeful) news is that the problem of child homelessness is completely solvable! As Ms. Dvorak and Mayor Gray have both pointed out recently, the District is economically stronger than ever. With a $417 million surplus for 2012 and an expected surplus of $240 million for this year, allowing children to grow up in a shelter is a decision…

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