Computer App’s for the Homeless. Who knew?

Great help for the homeless with computer access. Going to bookmark this one!

Career Services for the Homeless

1. Toodledo (Not free)

Helps with planning, getting organized, and staying motivated to achieve a goal.

4 stars

Can be used by homeless individuals to organize the job search and stay motivated to achieve their goals.

2. American Red Cross

Useful for finding Red Cross locations for emergency services.

5 stars

Can be used by homeless individuals to find emergency shelters, food, and other services when needed. 

3. Homeless Reach

Helpful for finding housing, transport, legal help, employment, and other services in the community.

5 stars

4. Disaster Alert

Lets people know if there are any natural disasters on track or occurring at current location.

5 stars

5. Work Smart

An app that helps people manage their career and keep track of their accomplishments.

4 stars

Can help homeless individuals stay organized during the job search.

6. Jobfinder

Useful for the job search.


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