Is There a Shut Down of This Blog in the Works?

Well, it was bound to happen. Got a notice from WordPress that there has been a complaint about this blogs violation of one of the terms of service agreements. They will get back to me about what it is I am (supposedly) in violation of, until then, expect a shut down and look for me on Blogger, if it happens. Too bad, I love WordPress. Near as I can figure, the violation might be about advertising to sell my book (the Amazon Affiliate book — one book — that I recommend can’t be it, can it? I thought WordPress was okay with those…) or it could be this post, that had just come out on the day of the notice:

From the Happy Hobo series:

Working to get off the streets. This has to be a constant in your life, or your future will be bleak. Get a P.O. Box and send in applications for low-cost housing and assistance. Can’t get a P.O. Box without a physical address? Oh, those bureaucrats do try to keep people down, don’t they? If you keep being persistent, you will get a mailing address. A few tips: Paying for the box over the internet at their USPS website (credit card required), or wandering in to an out of the way post office and being able to rent the box on the spot. Use your old address on your ID with a straight face. Not that I’m telling you to circumvent the law, but the rules should not inadvertently punish the innocent.

In my view, I was just pointing out a huge loophole in the system (you must provide a physical address to get a P.O. box) that is supposed to halt international terrorism, but ends up punishing the homeless. It would be nice if the agencies that are dealing with the homeless could provide a letter stating that their client needs an address  to get mail and that letter could be used at the post office as verification to get a P.O. box to receive their mail (A discount on the annual P.O. box fees — $120 a year in some areas — would be nice too, but the postal service is in the red, so forget about that.), and then inadvertently punishing the down-and-out would not be the issue here.

Another reason for the red-flagging could be a certain “sore-loserman” has sniffed around to find an excuse to silence this blog. In that case, tough nuggets, baby. I stand by my post.

Oh, and by the way, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be truly grateful for all God’s gifts. I am.

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