Homelessness = Swollen Legs and Feet

Many homeless people have swollen legs and feet. Sitting or standing for long periods of time and not being able to lay down may be the cause, although other underlying health issues may also be responsible. This article from eHow gives some good information:

How to Reduce Swollen Legs & Feet | eHow.com

via How to Reduce Swollen Legs & Feet | eHow.com.

I’ve noticed that some homeless people who never lay down have the worst cases of swollen legs. Sometimes they are afraid of being harassed by security guards or the cops, or they may be unable to lay down on the ground because it’s too painful. But, it really pays to find a place where 2 to 3 hours of resting flat is possible, and trying to eat a diet low in salt and chemical additives; reducing smoking and alcohol consumption will also help. Swelling of the legs might seem like a minor problem, but it can lead to infections, cellulitis, and amputation or worse.

The related article below is a neat idea: Turn abandoned unused space into pop-up accommodations for the homeless. This would give people a place to lay down and rest out of the weather.


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